Ways to Protect your Car from Hacking

Hyundai Apple Carplay Dash Panel

Vehicles are becoming more advanced with the technology and software that is included with the latest models that are released. Drivers need to understand the importance of securing the vehicle to reduce the risk of hacking that can occur. If you want to safeguard your information and protect it, there are a few essential tips to follow.

Firewall Your Fob

Keyless-entry fobs may be convenient to use, but they can also make it easy for intruders to unlock your car doors. Whether you keep the device in your purse or on your dining table, hackers can use electronic signal-amplifier devices to unlock the car through the signal. As the owner of the vehicle, you can cut off the signal by keeping the fob in a metal box or storing it in a container that can protect it. Locking it in the garage will also prove to be effective.

Update the Software

Updating the software is critical to ensure that the firmware is working effectively to protect the vehicle. You can also visit the manufacturer's website and download updates that are available before using a USB cord to install it in the car throughout the year. Staying in contact with the automaker will also allow them to have your updated contact information in their system and will allow you to stay informed on recent recalls.

You also need to remain cautious about how you install the updates, especially when the manufacturer sends you a USB stick to upload the most recent software. Some hackers send out counterfeit update notices that can make it easy to install malicious software in your vehicle. Instead, install the new software at the dealership to ensure that you know the source and can avoid scams.

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Remove OBD II Dongles

You'll want to remove On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) II Dongles, which are used to monitor your driving habits by insurance companies and can allow you to obtain lower premiums. Unfortunately, hackers know that by accessing the devices they can get into the brains of your car. Instead, unplug it or remove it completely to protect yourself from getting hacked.

Drive an Older Vehicle

An ideal and easy way to protect yourself from car hacking is to drive an older vehicle. Although newer models are sleek and stylish, they're more vulnerable to getting hacked and having your information stolen due to the complexities of the comuters and features that are installed. Older cars have less technology that is present in the car, which makes it more challenging to unlock the doors or steal the vehicle. If you want to drive a newer model, opt for a Tesla or General Motors model, which are known to have more protection on the software to reduce the risk of getting hacked.

Turn Off the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Make it a point to turn off your Bluetooth each time that it's not in use to prevent hackers from connecting to your entertainment system if your car is unpatched. If your Bluetooth is off, they won't be able to control parts of your vehicle. They'll also be able to access your vehicle’s controller network or the data that is stored on the car if you leave your wireless Internet turned on when it's not in use.

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