MPG and How to Maximize It?

2019 Hyundai Elantra MPG

Gas prices have gone down quite a bit in the past few years, but it' can still be costly every week or two to fill up. Many drivers are constantly looking for new ways to improve their miles per gallon fuel efficiency ratings. The good news is, you don’t have to invest any money into additional upgrades or parts for your vehicle. A few simple techniques are all that’s need in order to maximize your MPG. Let’s take a closer look.

Watch Your Speed

The faster your vehicle goes, the more fuel you are going to consume. Driving below 45 miles per hour will provide you with the best fuel efficiency numbers. This isn’t always possible. If you’re on the highway as you’ll need to follow the higher speed limit or keep up with the flow of traffic. If you’re on the side streets in the suburbs, stick to about 45 miles per hour if that is the recommended speed limit. This speed requires a lot less fuel.

Watch Those Side Mirrors

Some vehicles come with a very aerodynamic exterior, while some vehicles will have bulky items on them that can contribute to drag and thus lower MPG numbers. If you have very large side mirrors on your vehicle, this could be causing a lot of drag when you are driving. You may want to think about upgrading to a simpler design if it’s cost effective.

Brake and Accelerate Carefully

Your vehicle should never start up or stop in a very quick manner. Your car should be gradually brought to the speed that you’ll drive. You’ll want to minimize the amount of times that you apply your brakes. You’ll want to brake as far ahead as possible. Also, try not to hold your brake down around turns and corners.

Efficient Hyundai Elantra Rear

Turn Off Your Engine

Your vehicle isn’t going to use up its gas if it isn’t running. If you’re stopped at a train crossing or traffic light for a number of minutes, switch off your engine. You’re not going to want to do this at every intersection.

Turn Down the Air Conditioning

If you can manage to stay comfortable while keeping your vehicle a little bit warmer in the summer months, this will save a lot of gas. You’ll also need to keep your windows up in order to maximize efficiency. Get your car to its desired temperature, then turn your A/C down to save on your MPG.

Don’t Stress Out

While being stressed isn’t going to consume fuel in your vehicle, you could find yourself driving more aggressively. This could include speeding and braking more forcefully.

Keep in mind that when you take the appropriate steps to maximize your fuel efficiency ratings, you’ll want to do so in a legal manner. You can’t expect to drive your vehicle ten miles per hour under the speed limit to save money. When it comes time to purchase a new vehicle, make sure that you take some time to look into fuel efficiency ratings before making a final purchase. The larger the vehicle you purchase, the more gas you’re going to have to buy on a regular basis. If you would like more information, stop down to Vandergriff Hyundai today.

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