Hyundai Ready For Spring

Spring is here and it's time to clean up at home and your vehicle(s) as well. Most of us are looking forward to warmer weather and getting out more. We rely heavily on our vehicles to get us to all these places we'd like to enjoy. Changing your cabin air filter at the beginning and end of the season will help you breathe easier. For many people, air quality in our vehicles is important for our health and to keep our families healthy as well. Scheduling this quick maintenance appointment now will ensure your vehicle will have the cleanest cabin air possible and will run great.

What is the Importance of Changing the Cabin's Air Filter?

The cabin's air filtration system catches all the air that needs to be used for climate control and air flow in the vehicle. It filters out allergens and pollution that would be present without a filtration system. The air is filtered prior to the air circulating into the vehicle through the vents. Even for those who don't suffer from allergies, the concentration of pollutants and allergens in such a confined space can cause health issues.

It's especially important to have the cabin's air filter checked and changed if you have seniors or children that ride in the vehicle. Pollen is one of the biggest allergens that is visible on the outside of our vehicles and causes many problems for those suffering from allergy and respiratory issues. Breathing in this substance is certain to aggravate any allergy symptoms you may have.


The air filtration system also helps to put less of a strain on the air conditioning and heating within the vehicle. Reduced efficiency can lead to unnecessary wear and tear as well as repair bills. With inefficiency comes excessive use of fuel to compensate for the increased strain. It's always good to have your vehicle checked over and get any maintenance done before and after the season changes. This will help to keep the vehicle running at peak performance all season long and possibly for years to come. Also, our dealership ensures that you're receiving the right servicing and using the correct and best parts for the job. This is important for those who have active warranties on their vehicle. For a small amount of time and money, you'll have the peace of mind that your vehicle is running as it should

Scheduling Your Air Filter Change and Other Maintenance Appointments is Easy:

An air filter change and checkup only take a short amount of time to complete. We pride ourselves on providing the absolute best in customer service and satisfaction. We understand that our vehicle owners want to get the most out of their vehicles. Our dedicated technicians will ensure that your vehicle is in the best possible condition and will recommend any service or maintenance that is needed. Simply contact us and we'll be happy to schedule your seasonal maintenance appointment at a convenient date and time for you, today!

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