How Does Hyundai All-Wheel-Drive Work?

Hyundai All-Wheel Drive System

Hyundai All-Wheel Drive System

Traditionally, all-wheel drive systems employ the use of all four tires on the vehicle, thus making the vehicle drive better in adverse weather conditions but at the expense of efficiency (AKA uses more fuel). Hyundai wanted a better way to deploy an all-wheel-drive system, one that gave drivers the advantage of all-wheel-drive without giving up efficiency in the process. And somehow, Hyundai was able to do that. Because Hyundai all-wheel-drive system is a bit different, some folks wonder exactly how Hyundai was able to make an all-wheel drive vehicle so efficient.

How Does Hyundai All-Wheel Drive Work?

From here on out, you can know that the official name of Hyundai all-wheel-drive system is the HTRAC AWD System. It's different, and that's a good thing. You have Hyundai to thank for this bit of ingenuity and efficiency. All-wheel drive is all about increasing the traction your vehicle has (AKA the ability it has to deal with adverse, sometimes slippery, weather conditions). Hyundai system increases efficiency by keeping the system "always on," but giving the driver three different modes to choose from:

  • Comfort
  • Smart
  • Sport

When you're in smart (also known as ECO) mode, power is going mostly to the front wheels, and this gives you great fuel efficiency. Sport mode is somewhere in between, splitting power 50/50 to front and rear tires. Comfort gives you the greatest degree of confidence in adverse weather conditions, putting 70$ of your power to the front and 30% to the rear wheels.

Of course, you can always go for total all-wheel drive, and this is what drivers will want to choose if they're in an area of the country that has a lot of rain or snow frequently (you can always switch back and forth to different modes until you're comfortable in any given condition). What Hyundai has done has given drivers a way to override the sometimes fuel-burning inefficiency of total all-wheel drive and split all-wheel-drive in a more customized way, depending on the weather conditions. The result is that you're going to use a lot less fuel if you choose to use these different driving modes, and so you get the power of all-wheel drive when you need it most, and you can save fuel by choosing one of the other driving modes for times when you don't need to power your way through a snowstorm.

Learn More About Hyundai All-Wheel Drive

Hyundai has done a very helpful and efficient thing by designing its all-wheel-drive system. Granted, not all Hyundai models are equipped with this all-wheel-drive system, and you can still find vehicles that are just front-wheel drive with none of these options. If you want to take advantage of Hyundai innovative All-Wheel Drive system, you'll need to find a model that has this system either standard or as an option. If you're interested in a vehicle with this type of technology, just call our dealership today to learn more about which models have the Hyundai HTRAC AWD System equipped. We'll help you find the vehicle that best suits not only your preferences for what a vehicle should look like but that also comes with this innovative all-wheel-drive system equipped!

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