Why Service Reminders Help Drivers

For your Hyundai vehicle to have a long, productive lifespan, it's imperative to make sure that it's serviced in regular intervals, when a particular service comes due. Your owner's manual and online resources can help you create a healthy maintenance schedule for your Hyundai. Why do you want to set service reminders and keep up with regular maintenance? It's simple. When you regularly maintain your vehicle, you save yourself thousands of dollars in the car's lifespan because you won't be paying for large repairs later on in the vehicle's life. Yes, all systems wear down eventually, and repairs will be needed, but you reduce your repair bill when you keep up with service.

How to Set Service Reminders for your Hyundai

You'll be able to connect service reminders via your smartphone and your touchscreen inside your Hyundai vehicle. If you don't have a touchscreen, you'll find it easy to set up service intervals on your vehicle's instrument display panel (it should be a touchscreen, too). Navigating to your service reminders is easy. Once you've set up service reminders, you'll get notifications both in your Hyundai vehicle and to your smartphone. Many people find that when they actually get notifications on their smartphone, it's easy to remember to take the vehicle in for maintenance. When your vehicle has no problems and everything is going smoothly, it can be easy to go a couple of thousand miles without remembering to get an oil change or fluid check. Thanks to these new auto service reminders, you're always going to be able to remember those oil changes, and you'll be shocked at how many years you add to the life of your Hyundai model when you keep up with these regular services.

Learn More Today

Hyundai service reminders are part of well-rounded care for your vehicle. They're just like regular checkups at the doctor's office. A regular checkup can provide a good indicator of your health. Your vehicle needs regular maintenance to keep giving you its best, too. Make sure that you set your auto service reminders on your Hyundai vehicle! If you forget how to do this or need someone to show you how in person, just call the helpful professionals at our dealership. We'll be happy to sit down with you and help you set your service reminders so that you can always keep your Hyundai running its best. Call today or stop by and see us.