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How to Update Maps on your Hyundai Vehicle?

Hyundai Navigation

When you buy a Hyundai model that was manufactured in 2017 or after, you get a navigation system that provides you with maps and traffic updates. Along with this service comes three years of free updates to your maps. Hyundai typically makes these updates in the spring and fall months. While you can have these maps updated at your next service appointment at Vandergriff Hyundai, you also have the option to upgrade them on your own. It's a pretty easy process that requires the use of a computer with an SD card reader.

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Will Hyundai Ever Make a Pickup Truck?

2020 Hyundai Santa Cruz

Hyundai is well-known for manufacturing an extensive line of vehicles. Hyundai vehicles include cars that range from subcompacts like the Accent to the mid-sized Sonata. When it comes to SUVs, Hyundai makes several different models, including the Palisade and the Tucson.

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The Disappearing Sedan and Where to Buy One Now


The Disappearing Sedan And Where To Buy One Now

Today, it seems that more car buyers are behind the wheel of an SUV, crossover, or large truck. While these vehicles are popular, there are still numerous car buyers who love the look and feel of a sedan. Though it may seem as if the sedan is disappearing from roads and highways, the good news is that Vandergriff Hyundai still offers a wide selection of sedans.

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See How Hyundai and Fashion Designer Emma Mullholland Partner to Launch the Veloster Double-Sided Jacket Campaign

Hyundai has been part of the vehicle market for many years now, but they recently decided to get involved in the fashion world a little bit. In a partnership with designer Emma Mulholland, Hyundai uses fashion to promote their line of Veloster vehicles. A Veloster-themed jacket was a creation that came from a social media campaign led by Bauer Media.

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