Car Oil Types

What Types of Car Oil Are There?

Motor oil is an important factor in your vehicle's overall performance. Not only does motor oil keep your powertrain components lubricated for ultimate efficiency, but it also improves the health of your engine and can elevate performance. There are many elements to factor in when considering the type of motor oil that will work best for your vehicle, including where you live, your driving habits, and your vehicle's age and condition. Although it is always best to refer to your vehicle's owner manual for motor oil recommendations, our skilled technicians can also help point you in the right direction.

Full Synthetic Motor Oil

If you decide you want a product that will allow your vehicle to perform at its best and maintain lubrication for essential components, it is advised to go with full synthetic motor oil. This type of engine oil resists oxidation well and is available in higher viscosity levels. Full synthetic motor oil can even improve your vehicle's efficiency. One thing to note is that full synthetic motor oil is often more costly than other types of engine oil, but in many instances, the extra cost is worth it. If you live in an area with harsh climate changes between seasons, fully synthetic motor oil will significantly protect your vehicle.

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Should you need a type of engine oil comparable to a full synthetic at a lower cost, a synthetic blend motor oil is a great option. It features many of the same full synthetic motor oil qualities, but it is much more affordable. Not to mention, switching from conventional motor oil to a synthetic blend motor oil is fairly easy. The benefits of a synthetic blend motor oil include high resistance to oxidation and the inclusion of additives to help your vehicle run better.

High Mileage Motor Oil

If you have an older vehicle or a vehicle that has been driven over 75,000 miles, a high mileage motor oil may be beneficial. Loaded with extra additives and performance boosters, high mileage motor oil can enhance the performance of a well-driven vehicle. It can also reduce oil burning and prevent oil leaks that are prevalent in cars with high mileage.

Conventional Motor Oil

Many buyers will fare well with conventional motor oil, one of the most affordable and popular options on the market. Conventional motor oil is ideal for light-duty vehicles that are driven short to moderate distances regularly. It provides adequate lubrication and engine protection in areas without severe temperature swings.

If you need some advice on the type of motor oil that will work well for your vehicle or you want to make a switch, get in touch with one of our trained service technicians. Our professionals can confer with your vehicle's owner manual to find the perfect engine oil fit for your vehicle.

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