Hyundai Electric Vehicles 

Hyundai Electric Vehicles For Sale in Arlington

Which Hyundai models are available in electric?

Hyundai offers several models that run on an all-electric powertrain. Having five seats in two rows, the Kona Electric crossover SUV is an excellent option for families seeking an efficient drive. A compact hatchback with five seats, the Hyundai IONIQ is another electric model on the latest lineup.

What is the difference between electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid models?

A true electric car runs on a motor and some high-capacity battery pack. Nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion are some of the most common types of chemical technologies integrated into the batteries of electric vehicles. A hybrid model gets most of its power from an internal combustion engine that typically burns gasoline. Hybrid cars usually take advantage of a battery pack for backup power. Regenerative braking is another conventional mechanical technology that improves the efficiency of hybrid vehicles. A plug-in hybrid model is equipped with an engine, a motor, and a battery pack. Such a vehicle also comes with a charging port for the electric components.

How far can Hyundai electric models go?

The Hyundai Kona Electric crossover SUV offers a driving range of approximately 260 miles on the highway. You can enjoy an all-electric driving range of about 170 miles in the Hyundai IONIQ hatchback.

How long does it take to charge an electric Hyundai car?

The charging time for an electric Hyundai model depends on the charging system and charging station. If you plug in your electric Hyundai car into a 120-volt power outlet at home, you may have to wait overnight for a full recharge. Fast-charging systems are readily available for recharging the entire powertrain by up to 80 or 100 percent in approximately one hour. Compatible with 220/240-volt outlets, DC charging adapters can be used at thousands of nationwide charging stations or homes. For example, the Kona Electric is compatible with the standard Level II charger and optional Level III Quick Charge system.

Do Hyundai electric vehicles have towing capacity?

No! As a light-duty crossover SUV, the Hyundai Kona Electric isn't designed for towing a trailer. Just like all production hatchbacks, the IONIQ isn't designed for towing any loads.

How can I learn more about electric Hyundai models?

Contact our auto dealership to learn more about the latest Hyundai electric models. You can also fill out a form to sign up for a test drive in the Kona Electric and IONIQ vehicles from our growing inventory.