Protect Your Vehicle With Our Premium Paint & Fluid Products

Cars can be a high cost for most people from purchase to maintaining them. This makes it essential to protect it from excess wear and damage that can occur.


We offer top-notch products to use in and outside of the vehicle to reduce signs of wear and also boost its performance. You can continue to read on the learn about our variety of popular ZAK products below.

Benefits of ZAK Protection

Is it worth your money to buy ZAK products? The fluids are made to protect various areas of your car to ensure that it operates efficiently. The fluids can be added to your oil, brakes, transmission, cooling, power steering, fuel system, HVAC, and battery. A variety of formulations are available.

A wide range of formulas can also be applied to the outside of the car to ensure it continues to stand out on the road. Choose from the Maximum Suds Car Wash, Maximum Tire Shine, and Headlight Restoration Kit for products that will prove to the last long-term with the results they deliver.

Top-notch protection can also be obtained when you purchase the ZAK Ultimate Appearance Protection Package. This package is made to protect the paint job on your car to ensure it continues to look shiny when exposed to the elements outside. The polymer-based application offers a film that is a barrier to salt, ultraviolet rays, and detergent in each season. It will even reduce the appearance of bird droppings, pollution, tree sap, and oxidation. When you want to improve the quality of the interior of your car, an additional ZAK version is available.

ZAK Fluids

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What Makes ZAK Products Different?

Premium ingredients are used in all of the ZAK products to ensure they work well with lubricating and cleaning all of the parts in your car. You may spend more money to purchase each application or a single bottle, but the treatments are created to last longer than similar products to ensure you can spend less over time. The car will also end up being in better condition to ensure it isn't at risk of breaking down both now and in the future.

ZAK Products Available at Vandergriff Hyundai

When you want to upgrade to ZAK products, we make it easy when you stop by our dealership in Arlington. You'll discover a full line of ZAK products at our location to ensure you can protect your car in the coming years with our help. Visit us today or by checking us out online to discover more info and facts about ZAK fluids and additional protection products we sell.

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