Hyundai Electric Vehicle Models for 2022  

Electric vehicles coming out for Hyundai in 2022 include the Kona Electric SUV, for example. There's also the Ioniq 5 electric SUV as well.

Ioniq 5

One of the models for the Ioniq includes the RWD, which has 225 horsepower and a range of 300 miles. Along with this, you can get 2 years of as many 30-minute charges at their network when you purchase from a dealer. It has different charging levels as well, depending on the level of charging. For example, You can get up to 68 miles of range on just 5 minutes of charge if you go with the 800v ultra-fast charging. This type of charging can also bring you from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes.

The vehicle also can use regenerative brakes to convert the energy from the wheels moving right into electricity that it can then store. You can also choose between a high level to get the most electricity, a low level in order to get a smoother ride, or a smart level that adjusts the level for the best of both worlds depending on what is happening on the road at the moment.

Kona Electric

The estimated range for this vehicle is around 258 miles while outputting zero emissions. It has features like the Hyundai digital key. It also allows for wireless device charging. You get a lot of different benefits from having this car as well, including the versatility it has for allowing you to charge at home, at a workplace, or even at different charging stations. With an electric vehicle like this, you also have speedy acceleration, unlike in an ICE machine. The vehicle has regenerative brakes just like with other vehicles of this type, which allow you to get electricity just from driving by siphoning ff of wheel movement when you brake.

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