Hyundai N Line Unveils Two New Concepts  

Hyundai N Line Unveils Two New Concepts

The RN22e, and N Vision 74 are the two new concepts the Hyundai N Line unveiled. They are symbolic of the company's determination to lead in being the first car company to do away with emission vehicles. With the use of their new technologies, they'll manage to achieve their goals. Let us look in detail at these new concepts.

RN22e Concept

The RN22e is all about Hyundai, its new electric worldwide modular platform. At the same time, it's trying its best to set a new mark on the performance of electric vehicles. This model will come to the market to benefit people in the racetrack industry. It will have a streamliner design that will facilitate its effectiveness in races.

Enhanced cooling and improved brake system make this model the best in races. The cooling capability will enable the owner to use the vehicle for longer without encountering any form of circuit degradation. Most electric vehicles have issues with the electric motor or the battery.

Its brake system is strong enough to endure the weight of the electric drivetrain. It's a perfect model that is easily controlled when attaching corners and controlling yaw. It can be your everyday sports car because of the high-performance technology used in its making. RN22e offers the best driving experience to the users. This is because of its exterior and interior.

N Vision 74 Concept

In this case, it's the goal of the past to meet the future. This concept's main goal is to use electric vehicle technology together with the modern hydrogen fuel cell system. This will make it the first ever Hyundai N's hydrogen hybrid.

The vehicle's exterior design isn't the only good thing about the car. The retro-styled concept is another amazing aspect. N Vision 74 will use a three-channel system to maintain the coolness of the vehicle. If all goes well, this will be one of the best sports vehicles on the market.


At the moment, N Vision 74 and RN22e remains a concept currently being worked on. This means that Hyundai will progressively continue developing and researching the means to help them achieve these two concepts.

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