Hyundai To Launch an EV Subscription Program  

EV Subscription Program to be Launched by Hyundai

A brand-new one-time-only payment subscription service via an application you can download on your phone has been launched by Hyundai called the Evolve+ EV. The app will include a variety of amenities that every person needs for their new vehicle purchase. The app includes features such as car insurance, roadside maintenance, and roadside assistance.

However, this application is still in the beta phases, so Huynudai has decided that there will only be a select choice of vehicles at the launch that will be compatible with the app. The car models that will be compatible with the app are the Hyundai Kona Electric and the Hyundai IONIQ 5. Another unfortunate detail about the limitedness of the app in its infancy is that services and features will only be available in seven cities spread across only 6 different states as well.

Now the app is a one-time payment deal. However, the subscription, consisting of a lot of features, requires you to reach into your pocket a bit. The subscription will be monthly, asking you $699 per month if you drive the Hyundai Kona Electric and $899 every month if you drive the Hyundai IONIQ 5.

Recently, a new market, known as vehicle-by-subscription, has emerged in the automobile industry. Other vehicle manufacturers have done this model before, and Hyundai has studied and made a new and improved way to offer subscriptions to their customers. Other manufacturers do not offer you the option to opt out of the subscription at any time you see fit, and in the small writings of the contracts you sign and agree to, they have you make payment commitments beyond the month-to-month payments. Like bad habits, Hyundai has dropped both of these details from their subscription plans. With Evolve+, you have the ability to opt out of the month-to-month subscription plans, and there are no backdoor payments that will spring up and surprise you at the worst times financially. Evolve+'s monthly subscription plan is an all-encompassing one. It will pay off the car's registration, roadside assistance, future maintenance costs(so they will be free at the time you need your car worked on for whatever reason), and even car insurance.

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