Honda Engine Not Working

Why Is My Car Not Starting?

When your car doesn't run, you can't complete your daily life's tasks or go on a weekend drive. While a vehicle might not start for many reasons, we've narrowed the list to five common ones. If your car won't start right now, simply have it brought to us. Our certified technicians will expertly address your situation.

1. Dead Battery

If your battery is past its warranty's covered lifespan, its core may be unable to hold a charge. Also, excessively hot or cold weather can drain a battery. And a vehicle's battery can drain due to someone leaving on the headlights or forgetting to close a door. You'll know your vehicle's battery is the reason for your ignition troubles if your headlights are dim while you try to start. If you're uncertain about your vehicle's battery, bring it to us. We quickly test automotive batteries with professional technology.

2. Bad Ignition Switch

Listen while you engage your car's ignition. Your vehicle is built to use either a conventional key or a Start button linked to a wireless fob in your pocket. When you engage your ignition, if you see your headlights at normal power and sufficient fuel in your tank while hearing no noises from under your hood, then a new ignition switch could quickly solve your problem.

3. Worn Starter

Sooner or later, your car's starter will provide its last start. Bad starters are easily diagnosed because they repeatedly click when you engage your vehicle's ignition. If you need a new starter, our team's experts can help.

4. Old Fuel Filter

Your car's fuel system includes a filter that keeps contaminants out of the engine. This filter must be periodically replaced. When fuel filters are not replaced quickly, clogs can keep sufficient fuel from reaching the engine. Check your owner's manual to see what milestone your vehicle's manufacturer recommends, or come see us.

5. Empty Gas Tank

Even with the reminders today's vehicles give us, anyone can run out of gas. If everything else seems okay, check your fuel gauge. Also, try not to wait until your vehicle's tank is nearly empty. It is possible to run out of gas earlier than your trip computer predicts.

If you're unsure about the reason your vehicle won't run, we want to assist. Simply bring your car to us in Arlington, TX. Our experts can help you get it running again.


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