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If your vehicle suddenly starts producing a burning smell, or if smoke is coming out from under the hood, you are likely dealing with an overheating engine. An engine can overheat for multiple reasons, ranging from having too little oil or coolant fluid to broken or worn-out components. A car should not be driven if it is experiencing problems with the engine. Therefore, you'll want to get in touch with a mechanic for service and diagnostics to find out what is wrong with your car.

Leaks in the Cooling System

The cooling system includes parts and components that can wear out or break, preventing them from moving coolant fluid to the parts that need it. A failure in the cooling system can also prevent the fans and other parts from drawing hot air away from the engine, which causes it to become too hot. The cooling system has various hoses that can develop holes or cracks, allowing coolant fluid to leak out onto the ground. If that happens, you might also notice green or blue liquid pooling underneath the car.

Insufficient Coolant Fluid

Another problem that can impact the engine is having insufficient amounts of coolant fluid in your cooling system. It is usual for your car to use coolant fluid as you drive, but if you suddenly have to start filling the reservoir more frequently, you might leak somewhere in the coolant system. If your car is taking more coolant fluid than before, have a mechanic check your vehicle for leaks so that they can be corrected before more significant engine problems result.

Hoses and Belts

The car's cooling system contains many parts that are connected by hoses and belts. Together, they help the parts in the cooling system work in unison to cool the engine. As with other moving parts, the belts and hoses are subject to problems that can, in turn, affect the cooling system's operation. The hoses can develop holes as they age, which then drains the car's coolant fluid. The hoses can also get disconnected or become loose, which keeps coolant fluid from passing through.


The radiator keeps the car's engine cool by preventing coolant fluid from pooling in the engine. The radiator has a belt that can break, which in turn keeps the radiator from working correctly. The radiator's fans can also stop working, which prevents the radiator from cooling the engine.

If your car's engine is overheating, don't delay getting it fixed. Contact our service department today.


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