Oil Change Information & Facts

Keep your car's engine lubricated and in top condition by receiving routine oil changes. Find out how this service can affect your Hyundai in this video.

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At our Dallas-area dealership, we understand the importance of maintaining your car. We also know that it's imperative that you have your car services done right, which is why all our onsite service technicians are highly trained, enabling them to provide your car with the care it deserves. Furthermore, our team are experts on servicing new and used Hyundai cars, as well as other various makes and models.

Routine Car Maintenance Is Critical!

To get the most life out of your new or used car, regular oil changes are a must. Oil lubricates your car's moving engine parts, but over time, it collects dust and debris, which break down its ability to effectively lubricate your engine. By avoiding routine oil changes, your car will face major mechanical problems, which can be very costly to fix.

When Is an Oil Change Necessary?

If you do most of your driving in very dusty environments, like the ones we see here in parts of Texas, you'll need to get your oil changed more frequently. This is also the case if you have to drive in a lot of stop-and-go traffic, such as the kind of traffic found here in the Dallas area.

We recommend changing out your engine oil every 3,000 miles; however, again, that can depend on where you do most of your driving and how new your vehicle is.

Oil Change ServiceFilters must also be swapped out on a routine basis, at the very least, during every other oil change. Their job is to collect dirt and debris in their catches, and, over time, if they are not changed, they can become clogged. This can cause damage to your engine because the particles that are normally caught by the filter will start entering parts of the engine, causing severe mechanical problems.

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